Here's how to have a Happy 4th  - declare Independence from paying On Demand and DVD fees! A BRAND new animated family film, All Creatures Great and Small, is now available for FREE (for a limited time) on Google Play!


by comedian Angela Hoover, co-star of TLC's "#WhatSheSaid" She's suddenly had a change of heart about pole dancing class.    She is now following Channing Tatum. And she's not on social media.


What makes Curious George even more appetizing to your little monkey? Delicious banana treats!


Max opens in theaters today, a family film with a canine star. Will one of the dogs who play Max be joining this list?


Almost since movies began, there’s always a dog movie that kids can enjoy. Rin Tin Tin, Benji and Lassie … Air Bud – kids can’t get enough!

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The habits of teenagers have long baffled parents. My parenting mission is to NOT be one of those parents. And yet, here I am, one of the "parents just don't understand" club.

Age 7+ Approved
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“Snowplow” parenting is the new derogatory term for overinvolved parents and, it turns out, I’m one of them.

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Inside Out is an original concept. That’s saying a lot because, with more than 100 years of movies, it’s hard to come up with an original idea.

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Dope opens with the three definitions of the word: drugs, dumb and excellent. That sets up everything that will go down in the next two hours.

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Inside Out hit a little close to home for me. It follows the inner workings of the feelings of an 11-year-old blonde, blue-eyed girl named Riley who just moved to California.

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