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The Boxtrolls Movie Poster
Age 7+ Approved
The Boxtrolls
Dolphin Tale 2 movie poster
Age 7+ Approved
Dolphin Tale 2
Forrest Gump IMAX
Age 15+ Approved
Forrest Gump: 20th Anniversary Rerelease
When the Game Stands Tall movie poster
Age 9+ Approved
When the Game Stands Tall

According to Apple, Songs of Innocence has been downloaded at least 2 million times since it’s release during the company's new product event on September 9 (forever known as Apple Tuesday) – it’s an amazing feat, conceived by Apple and their new Beats Electronics collaborators – a strategy designed to convince the masses that Apple IS, without question the undisputed leader in smartphone design, technology AND digital music distribution.

Age 11+

What happens when a bunch of young people are put into an environment that is scarce on adults? It’s the premise of The Maze Runner, about teens who forced to live in the middle of a maze with no memories and no adults.


The new trailer is out for  The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1. This is not JUST the most anticipated teen movie of the fall, it is the most anticipated movie of the YEAR according to Fandango ticket buyers.

Movie Review

LAIKA Studios is concerned their film, The Boxtrolls, may scare young children.

Age 7+ Approved

Expect a bigger splash from Dolphin Tale 2, it’s even better than the first. The sequel brings back the elements kids love most, enabling me to decipher just why kids responded to the first film with such enthusiasm.

Age 7+ Approved
Music Review
Maroon 5

Once a group in search of a sound – now a machine geared for hits. Maroon 5 is back and – if you love the thought of buying an album and getting your money’s worth – there’s no chance of disappointment with V, the group’s latest album release.

Age 13+

The Maze Runner dashes down an unexpected route, and not just because it’s a thriller about a constantly shifting labyrinth. The Maze Runner is far more daring: it’s a teen movie with no romance.


How many times did you see How to Train Your Dragon 2? Summer 2014 offered so few films for children, it was painful for movie-loving families!

Guardians of the Galaxy - Album Soundtrack

How does a retro soundtrack of 60’s and 70s hits become one of the biggest selling albums of the year? Because like your favorite dish or desert, the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack is like comfort food for your ears.

For those of you who still haven’t seen the movie – don’t worry; I won’t give away any crucial plot points – except for the one that establishes the reason for the soundtrack’s playlist of throwback hits.

Age 7+

UPDATE: Congratulations, Noreen! You are the winner of Lego Friends: Friends are Forever DVD! LEGO doesn't just make movies about superheroes, Chimas and a guy named Emmet.