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With Marvel Studio's announcement of upcoming films Black Panther and Captain Marvel,  Marvel's Cinematic Universe is starting to look a little more like our own.


Oreos, zebras, chocolate sundaes, Dalmations: it seems that kids love things that come in black and white, with one notable exception. Children hate to watch black and white movies.

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I don’t go see scary movies. Movies with suspense and intensity – love ‘em! Movies where the cast is gruesomely picked off one by one – hate ‘em! And definitely, I don’t want my kids spending two hours with a spooky serial killer.

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As you well know by now, The Avengers: Age of Ultron teaser trailer was leaked yesterday.


Ice Cube, known for starring in family films just as much as making rap hits, makes his debut in the animated world in The Book of Life as The Candle Maker, a god of sorts who keeps track of the living.


On assignment from Fandango, I spoke with the adorably pregnant (and totally glowing) Zoe Saldana, the sweet Diego Luna, unbelievably cool Ice Cube, and the most fun producer-director combo ever, Guillermo del Toro and Jorge G


The Book of Life is about the Day of the Dead, where the lead character dies and goes to an equivalent of Heaven and Hell, and is released a couple of weeks before Halloween.

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If Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day is one thing, it is incredibly relatable.

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Melissa McCarthy makes rated R movies. Bill Murray makes rated R movies. So, I was surprised to see their film St. Vincent is PG-13. Until I saw it.

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