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Aloha means hello and goodbye in Hawaiian, and true to form, the viewer can’t tell if Aloha is coming or going. From the beginning, it’s a little hard to assess what’s going on; it doesn’t get much easier as the film progresses.

Age 15+ Approved
Movie Review

Dope opens with the three definitions of the word: drugs, dumb and excellent. That sets up everything that will go down in the next two hours.

Not for kids

The original Poltergeist is the scariest rated PG movie ever made and the scariest movie I’ve ever seen. Like many, I saw it when I was 12 and it affected my sleep for an entire decade.

Age 13+ Approved

If the children are the future, what does our future look like?


Space exploration and cool techy innovations are almost always mind-blowing on film. The truth is, real innovation is often inspired by film and film is inspired by real innovation.


Pitch Perfect is a sensation among girls, teens through 20s and beyond. But, where’s the  equivalent for guys? A fun musical take on what life is supposed to be in that gap between high school and grownupedness?


May 1 launches the season packed with many of the most exciting and fun movies of the year. Summer 2015 is exceptionally awesome, with a stellar line-up full of highly anticipated films. Make your plans now!


It fascinates me how children in one part of the world will love a book, a film, a toy and kids in other parts of the world aren't even aware of it. Maya the Bee is a great example.


It’s hard not to feel like we’ve mucked up the world for our children, perhaps to a point where there may no longer be a world. Is this how every generation feels, or just us?

Age 7+ Approved

Pitch Perfect 2, the end of "Glee," and the premiere of POP!'s "Sing It On" are sure to bring another surge in kids pursuing a vocal existence. But, as "American Idol" auditions have taught us all, not everyone has the gift.