Music Review
Fall Out Boy

Rock ain’t dead – it just took a well-needed nap. Re-energized and ready to roll, Fall Out Boy hits hard with its latest work, American Beauty/American Psycho.

Caught in a pop music vortex dominated by DJs and skinny jeans-wearing rappers for several years going – there was no legitimate place for rock.

Age 13+

With the Academy Awards on the horizon, That WasSomething is announcing an award of our own: Movie Mother of the Year. In 2014, the role of mothers was really celebrated in cinema, perhaps more than other years.


I LOVE getting the kids excited about a movie by making delicious snacks. Strange Magic opens in theaters tomorrow and has offered up four fun recipes that tie in.


Funny date-night film Mortdecai hits theaters on Friday. Who is Mortdecai? He’s described as a part-time rogue, a degenerate aristocrat, amoral art dealer, seasoned epicurean, unwilling assassin, and knave about Picadilly.

Nick Jonas

Who knew that under the sugar coating of one time Disney heartthrob, Nick Jonas – roared the heart and soul of a true artist?

We’ve seen it so many times before… the rise and fall of bubble gum pop stars. Aaron Carter, Nick Lachey, Rob Van Winkle a.k.a., Vanilla Ice. Like seasoned prizefighters, they bob and weave through the pains of creating chart-accessible music, press and promotion, finally achieving the unachievable – worldwide stardom.

Age 11+

A Little Game is released on DVD Jan. 20 - and you can win a copy! The film cleverly weaves lessons about how to play chess into a very relatable story.

Movie Review

Direct-to-DVD has a negative connotation, it tends to imply it’s not that good of a movie. However, with A Little Game, I think at home viewing is the perfect option for this purposeful film.

Age 9+ Approved

Not only is 2015 a year of much anticipated movies like the final Hunger Games and a new Star Wars, it’s a prolific year in movies. In other words, there’s a lot.


Nicole Kidman is a fantastic actress. With her Oscar and constant award recognition, that's pretty much a fact but I say it because the characters she's known for behave so differently than how she comes off in real life.

Movie Review

Recently, a male friend of mine was pontificating on how it could be that George Lucas could land such a wife who is the perfect package: beautiful, smart, kind and successful.

Age 3+ Approved